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India post: Now the postman will come to the doorstep to pickup parcels

India post: Now the postman will come to the doorstep to pickup parcels

India Post has introduced a new parcel collection service in Bangalore. Now the postman will come to the door step to collect the parcels.

The move is aimed at increasing customer convenience and reducing congestion at post offices. To avail the service one has to book through the India Post portal and pay the prescribed postal charges. Then, the staff will pick up the parcel at your chosen time
Under this initiative, customers can book up to five documents or parcels at a time. The collection charge is Rs.50.

The total weight of these items should not exceed five kg. Also only parcels with postal charges less than 500 rupees will be carried.
The service is available across 96 zip codes within the city.

How to book?

Should be booked through official India Post portal

Registration is mandatory before booking. And online payment is required. Same day or next working day available time for parcel collection is available online and customers can choose the convenient time.

Customer should note the booked ID number on the left corner of the parcel. The postman will collect and bring to the post office and print and stick a label containing the sender and address details on the envelope. If there is any variation in the weight of the parcel recorded at the time of booking, the customer will be notified. Payment can be made online.

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