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Why are these calls suspicious?

These calls conceal the identity of original calling party. The number displayed during such international calls are manipulated.

How can such calls be reported on Sanchar Saathi portal?

Following steps are to be taken:-

  • Visit Sanchar Saathi portal at
  • Visit the Citizen Centric Services and click on Report International Call with Indian Number (RICWIN).
  • Verify your mobile number with OTP and enter the details of received international call i.e. number displayed, date and time.
  • Submit the request by clicking submit button.

What happens to such reported calls on Sanchar Saathi portal?

Department of Telecommunications, after verification, act to detect if any illegal telecom exchange is working and if so, necessary action is taken.

Whether the details of the citizen providing information about international calls with Indian CLI are kept confidential?

Department of Telecommunications ensures the confidentiality of the vigilant citizen reporting about such calls and helping government to detect the illegal telecom exchanges.

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